Wanda’s Word on Weed Spraying

Weeds are the bane of any garden…luckily there are many solutions!

One of the simplest weed removal solutions is weed spray. Our Garden Gurus are certified to spray weeds in both commercial and residential areas. We use a range of weed sprays, depending upon the type of weeds and where they are in your garden. It can often be a more cost effective method of weed removal, and we are happy to attend your property to only spray weeds.

We have a wonderful product called Fusilade. This spray is quite remarkable because it ONLY KILLS GRASSES! That’s right. If you have grass in your garden beds, you can apply the spray anywhere and it will not kill your other plants! Fusilade takes between 1-2 weeks to fully kill the weeds. Then you can either have them removed, or let them just break down. That isn’t even the best part…it is pet and child safe! With careful application, it can even be used in areas with frog populations. We think it’s pretty cool! 


Clover and Bindi spray is a must if you have lawn! The best time to attack these horrible weeds is in winter, before they have a chance to seed. Once they have taken root in your lawn, it can be very difficult to fully eradicate them, so prompt action is recommended. Clover and Bindi Spray  is pet safe, although you should not allow pets to eat the grass once it has been sprayed nor allow spray mist to land on edible foods such as tomatoes. 

Occasionally, we use Glyphosate. This is a broad spectrum herbicide, meaning that it will kill all plants it is applied to. Despite reports in the media recently, Glyphosate is safe to use, as long as the proper safety equipment is used and the proper application instructions are followed. We are very careful to adhere to these practices and will only recommend the application of a broad spectrum herbicide if it is necessary.