Reticulation Repair

 Reticulation need rescuing?

As part of your gardening service, we can test your reticulation and make any repairs necessary. Each team is kitted up with general reticulation parts so that they can carry out repairs on the day.  They will even set your timer to the correct watering days just let us know if that is required.  If the problem resides in the control box and we are unable to fix it, we will book you in with our reticulation specialist. Then all you need to do is enjoy your garden. Speak to the office when you book your gardening service to organise your reticulation repair.


Can’t find your solenoids? 

We have the specialised equipment to locate them without digging up the entire area.  There is a call out fee on this machine, however it will save you hours and hours of searching for lost solenoids!!  Call today to inquire!

Reticulation Repair