Terms and Conditions


  • All accounts unless otherwise agreed in writing shall be paid upon delivery of the goods and/or upon completion of the works undertaken for services rendered by Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening for the Client.  Disputes and or claims do not constitute grounds for non-payment of amounts other than those in dispute.
  •  Payment is due on the day of the services being provided (COD) or on invoicing payment can be made by credit card or direct deposit.
  •  The client acknowledges that the goods supplied by Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening shall remain the property of Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening until payment is received.
  •  Invoices that are not paid within 7 days of issue will incur an administration fee of $15 per week until the account is settled.
  •  Should you default on the account terms any legal costs or any other expenses whatsoever incurred by Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening in respect of debt collection costs, dishonoured cheques fees, legal cost, whether charged on scale or any other basis incurred, shall be paid by the Client on demand.
  • Credit card payments are accepted but will incur a 2.25% surcharge.
  •  Should there be any variation to any of the information supplied by the client to Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening, the variations must be provided in writing and accepted by Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening.
  •  You hereby acknowledge that Wanda’s Weeding and Gardening will not be held liable for any damage to the property during the course of the gardening services. Whilst all care is taken Wanda’s Weeding are held harmless from all Liabilities and claims against all employees and owners of Wanda’s Weeding for any personal injury, including death, to any person and/ or damage to the property or person arising from the acts or omissions of the employees. It is the owner’s responsibility to advise Wanda’s Weeding staff in writing of any cables or services prior to commencement to avoid accidental damage.
  •  All animal excrement must be removed prior to commencement of work. This is not a service Wanda’s Weeding provides and failure to remove may result in cancellation of your gardening services.
  •  Labour is a Minimum Charge of two hours.  Rates are per gardener per hour.