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Wanda’s Gardening and Landscaping is a local, community minded gardening company. More than just a weed and mow, we dedicate ourselves to improving every garden we step into. As a family run, local business, we would rather build a community than a faceless company! We love to hear from you – leave us a comment here, or join our Facebook community, even if you aren’t a customer. At the end of the day we are all here for the same reasons….we love gardens!

We also love gardening responsibly. Whilst it’s not ALWAYS possible, we work hard to use organic materials where ever we can. It’s amazing how many alternatives are available these days! We are constantly looking for new ways to help a garden flourish, without endangering the local wildlife. This is even true of our weed sprays! All our weed sprays are environmentally responsible, can be used near waterways and are pet safe!

We always use high grade products. All our tools are of a high quality and are treated to prevent the spread of disease. All cutting implements are frequently sharpened, to ensure the best result. We only source high quality mulches,weed free mulches. Sadly, some of the cheaper mulches use dyes to give them a rich colour. Not only is this not good for your garden, it can seep and stain your pavement and driveway. We NEVER use dyed mulch. We also go to great trouble to source rich nutrient additions for your garden. Some of these – including our microbe selection – are not available to the general public.

Part of our service is tidying up after ourselves. It sounds like a simple thing…but you would be amazed by how many places don’t do this! Not only do we collect up all the garden waste, we collect up all the leaves off the paths, flush out spider webs…even coil up the hose. We pride ourselves on leaving each property looking re-vamped.

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